About Natalie

I found what I wanted most in what I already had.

Ok.. I’m attempting long story short with my massive passion that changed absolutely every detail of who I think I am.. Ha!

In September of 2018, I was doing it all right and feeling all wrong and life just was what it was, and I was over it! So naturally, I googled: “How to get out of a funk”. My “quick fix” go to’s just weren’t cutting it anymore. In fact, they sucked so much at their job (telling me what I should do and who I need to be in order to feel like I’m enough) that I finally had to fire them. One at a time, I’ve fired every. single. one.

Because at my low point, when I googled “How to get out of a funk”- I found coaching. And coaching forced me to find me. Coaching forced me to look inside myself and find out what Natalie thinks. Coaching taught me how to start to love her so deeply. It taught me to appreciate her so much that SHE is the one whose opinion I value and honor the very most.

Coaching shifted my entire perspective. By slowing things down to observe and redefine what NATALIE actually believes, I gave myself the permission to create a life that I had no idea was available and waiting for me!

I no longer rely on any outside validation to tell me that I am enough. I don’t need all of my choices to be the “right” ones. I trust myself to be the reason that each choice, right or wrong, can serve as another step closer to the growth and learning that helps me to love myself, others and my life more fully every day. 

My to do list will never be “done” and that’s okay! My life is overflowing with growth and learning. Choosing growth and learning over perfection has given me a level of peace and gratitude that no completed task has ever even come close to! I get to live TODAY completely in love with the people and experiences that are here with me. I get to continually use the confidence and courage that I’ve developed in order to embrace my future. 

Open. All In. Fully Alive.

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