"It just is what it is"

-the old me that was stuck

If this phrase has come out of your mouth in the last day/week/month/year- then I am saying this to YOU with so much love and belief in what’s possible for you- 

Do you want help with this? I know exactly how to help you out of this endless cycle of defeat.


A few of my secrets:

I don’t believe that it is ALL it is… EVER. 

When you choose to believe “it is what it is” then you are choosing a very limited, passionless and powerless life.

You can choose, anytime, to claim ownership of being the most powerful force in your life by making deliberate and purposeful choices in pursuit of the life that is the best for you and that only YOU can find.

I promise, It is NEVER all it is, unless you choose to believe that.

There is ALWAYS a choice y’all! An alternate option. A shifted perspective. Another way of thinking about it. There is ALWAYS an opportunity waiting for you to reach out and take it, reevaluate, change your mind, so that you can learn more of who you truly are. 


You just have to be willing to use that beautiful brain of yours to own your right to choose. And I mean really own it. 

When can coaching help?

You are the expert when it comes to a life that you can love. No reason is good enough to live a life that is anything less than passionate and completely alive. As a coach, my job is to believe in you and all of your limitless potential so much that you can’t help but decide to believe it for yourself. 

And I’m crazy good at it.  With my help you will learn to trust yourself.

When you’re committed to letting go of each and every limiting belief that’s kept you playing small

When you are willing to believe in the possibility of loving who you are and valuing your voice exactly as you are

When you’re willing to care more about who you truly are than what others think of you

It’s the perfect time to show up for yourself with self acceptance, self compassion and self trust. 

It’s time to bet on yourself! 

Choose to own the choices that you've made that brought you here, eliminate the doubt and judgement, and you can become empowered to:
  • Let go of the things that you DON’T want.
  • Discover the things you DO want by asking your inner voice.
  • Use self confidence and determination as the fuel to get after it!
  • Know that feeling better is available for you right now, no matter what is happening around you.
  • Choose to feel alive and present with the people and experiences you love most.
  • Become the reason that you can love your life by choosing all of it on purpose.

Client Wins!

Done waiting for life to feel lovable?

Today is the best time to:

  • Eliminate the all or nothing drama of perfectionism

  • Stop needing to be “done” before you can be happy

  • Stop wasting your energy focusing on what you DON’T want

  • Start focusing your energy, deliberately, on the people and things that you DO want

  • Experience more joy and gratitude through the practice of wanting what you already have

  • Use joy & gratitude as the fuel to create a life that you can love today and when x,y,z happens!

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